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Dog Owners

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Dog Ownership in Wixom

The City of Wixom is a wonderful and welcoming place for dogs.  Our many parks, miles of sidewalks, and the Wixom Habitat are great places for walking and playing with your pet.  Dog owners may also wish to visit the nearby Lyon Oaks Dog Park.

Dogs are required to be licensed.  Please see our Clerk’s Department page for information on purchasing dog licenses.

City Ordinances §6.04.030 and §6.04.080 require that dog owners have their animals under reasonable control at all times.  Under City Ordinance, “reasonable control" means having an animal on a suitable leash, confined in a suitable cage or location, confined to property by radio collar or similar device, or under the oral control of the owner (or a responsible person designated by the owner) at all times when the owner is on private property with the permission of the person or persons with the right of occupancy of that private property.  Additionally, Michigan state law requires that all dogs be leashed when they are on public property (MCL 287.262).

Remember that our furry friends are sometimes not as sophisticated as we would like to believe. Many dogs’ prey instincts are activated by runners, pedestrians and bicyclists, and many are territorial and protective of where they live.  Therefore, it is important that owners be certain that dogs are confined or tethered when outside and leashed when walking.  These efforts by our dog owners will reduce the risk of dog bites and will help make our neighborhoods safer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Police Department at 248-624-6114.