ALL City facilities, with the exception of the Police Station Lobby, remain closed to the public until further notice. This will NOT affect 911 or Police and Fire services.

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Service Directory

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Absentee ballotClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Animal ControlPolice Department(248) 624-6114
Birth and Death CertificatesClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Building inspectionsConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880
Building permitsConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880
Burn permitsFire Department(248) 624-1055
Business licenseFire Department(248) 624-1055
Cemetery PlotsClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
City Clerk's OfficeClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
City Manager's OfficeCity Manager's Office(248) 624-0894
Code Compliance ComplaintsConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880
Community developmentEconomic Development(248) 624-3223
Community eventsCommunity Services(248) 624-2850
Construction permitsConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880
Copies of records and reportsClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
CurfewsPolice Department(248) 624-6114
Detroit Free Press - Stop Delivery of Advertisements(800) 395-3300
Documents, Copies of Public RecordsClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Dog LicensesClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development(248) 624-3223
Elections, MunicipalClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
EmploymentCity Manager's Office(248) 624-0894
Facilities rentalCommunity Services(248) 624-2850
FinanceFinance Department(248) 624-0885
Fire DepartmentFire Department(248) 624-1055
Garage sale applicationClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Assessing(248) 624-3223
Handgun/rifle safetyPolice Department(248) 624-6114
Housing ProgramsOakland County Housing Counseling Services(248) 858-5402
Internet Service ProvidersDIRECTV Resource(855) 463-7359
Internet Service ProvidersAT&T Uverse(800) 288-2020
Internet Service ProvidersComcast(888) 266-2278
Keys locked in carPolice Department(248) 624-6114
LibraryLibrary(248) 624-2512
Liquor license and tax abatement applicationsClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Neighborhood watchPolice Department(248) 624-6114
Parking EnforcementPolice Department(248) 624-6114
ParksCommunity Services(248) 624-2850
Passport AcceptanceClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
PlanningConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880
Property AssessmentAssessing(248) 624-3223
Property taxesFinance Department(248) 624-0885
Public meetings (information)City Manager's Office(248) 624-0894
Public Safety OfficePolice Department(248) 624-6114
Public WorksDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Recreation programsParks & Recreation(248) 624-2850
RecyclingDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Safety inspectionsFire Department(248) 624-1055
Senior Citizen ActivitiesCommunity Services(248) 624-0870
Smoke detectorsFire Department(248) 624-1055
Snow removalDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Street cleaningDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Street lightsDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Traffic signalsPolice Department(248) 624-6114
Traffic tickets52-1 District Court (48150 Grand River, Novi, MI)
Trash collectionDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
TreesDepartment of Public Works(248) 624-0141
Voter registrationClerk's Office(248) 624-4557
Water and SewerWater & Wastewater Utilities(248) 960-0870
WeddingsCity Manager's Office(248) 624-0894
Zoning ordinancesConstruction & Development Services(248) 624-0880