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Recreational Vehicle Parking

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The City offers parking facilities available for lease by Wixom residents ONLY.

The Public Works yard located at 2041 Charms Road has 15 total spaces available for outside storage of recreational vehicles.

Definition of a Recreational Vehicle:

  • A motor vehicle primarily designed as a temporary living quarters for recreational camping or travel use.  The term includes a travel trailer, camping trailer, boat trailer, and motor home; less than thirty-five feet (35’) in length.

To check on space availability, please contact the Department of Public Works at (248) 624-0141, Monday through Thursday (7 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

New and Current Applicants:

You will be required to provide the following in order to lease a space in the City: 

  1. A copy of your driver license and/or recent utility bill.
  2. A copy of your vehicle registration.
  3. A copy of your vehicle insurance.
  4. A signed, annual Lease Agreement.
  5. $100 refundable deposit.

Lease Terms:

Three-month lease/payment cycles are as follows:
Jan 1 - Mar 31
Apr 1 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Sept 30
Oct 1 - Dec 31

Parking Lot Rules, Regulations and Accessibility:

  • Refer to Appendix B – Lease Agreements Schedule B

Cancellation Policy:

  • If a lessee wishes to cancel a parking lot space, a signed and dated letter of cancellation must be submitted to the Department of Public Works, 49045 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI  48393.  

* Refund applies ONLY if you have notified the City PRIOR TO renewal.

(View Lease Agreement)