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Leaf Collection

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2019 Leaf Collection in the City of Wixom

Watch our Leaf Collection Video HERE

As one of the few remaining communities to offer the service, the Department of Public Works (DPW) of the City of Wixom is proud to bring you Curbside Leaf Pick up again for 2019!  This service involves bringing a truck with a vacuum trailer along every residential curb within the City limits and vacuuming leaves that have been left curbside by residents. This is a six-week long process that is challenged by many factors:

  • Weather (can cause leaves to drop much earlier or much later than average)
  • Traffic and parking (sometimes residents or visitors unknowingly park on a street being serviced)
  • Age and species of trees (some trees drop their leaves much earlier or much later than average)
  • Time required to provide the service
  • Equipment impacts when leaves are wet or filled with debris

Here’s how you can help:

  • Know the schedule and follow it (sign up for e-mail notifications or look for signage in your neighborhood and refer to the table below)
  • Rake leaves to the curb prior to the week of pickup (between ditch and curb if possible)
  • Keep debris out of leaves (pet waste, branches, rocks, metal, lawn clippings)
  • Be patient – DPW will make every effort to pick up leaves before the snow falls

If you still have leaves after your pickup has occurred, here are your options:

  • Put leaves in yard waste bags or bins for pickup by Waste Management up until the morning of November 27, 2019
  • Bring bagged leaves to SPURT located at 2041 Charms Road, Wixom, MI48393 (they will compost your leaves)
  • Hire a contractor to remove leaves
  • Compost your leaves for soil enrichment
  • Shred leaves with mulching mower and spread as mulch around plants, bushes & trees
  • Mow leaves into lawn for soil improvement (visit or more information on mulching and composting)

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2019 Leaf Collection Schedule









Trails of Loon Lake

W. Maple Road

Cliffs of Loon Lake

Loon Lake Road

Charms Road


Northridge/Palmer Estates

Loon Lake Woods

Potter Road

Millstream Estates

Hickory Hills

Finn Camp


Maple Run

Hidden Creek

Courts of Highgate

Pontiac Trail

Nissen Court

Birch Park

Highgate on the Lake

Wixom Road

Cameron Court

Quail Hollow

Highgate on the Green

Wexford Mews

Sibley Court

Indian Springs

Terra Court

Wexford Woods

Theodore Road

Indian Wells


Norton Creek





Leaf Collection Map