antiice2This department is responsible for planning and delivery of the basic day-to-day public services that have become part of our daily life.  Key objectives include maintenance and repair of a complex public infrastructure system. Specifically, with a total staff of ten (10), consisting of a DPW Director, two Foremen, five Operators/Laborers, one Mechanic and one Secretary.  Services include maintenance of all City streets, buildings and grounds, public parks, sidewalks and bike paths, traffic control, downtown street lights, vehicle and construction/maintenance equipment, street sweeping, roadside, parks and cemetery mowing, and snow removal and ice control. The DPW is also responsible for providing the contractual oversight of the water and sanitary sewer systems, refuse collection, recycling programs, and storm water management.

The department also provides oversight and direction to the City's contractual consulting engineers, which includes planning and design of roads and safety path projects, including 5-year capital projects plans for both programs.

The department maintain the city's trees, including pruning, removal and replacement.

Monday - Thursday
7:00 am - 5:00 pm

2041 Charms Road
Wixom, MI  48393