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1.What can I legally burn and when can I burn it?
The City of Wixom’s Adopted Fire Code does allow for recreational fires. A recreational fire is the burning of dry, seasoned firewood for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking or similar purposes.
• A recreational fire may be allowed on detached residential properties at any time during the year between the hours of 8:00 am and midnight.
• A recreational fire shall not exceed three (3) feet in diameter, or two (2) feet in height.
• Fuel for a recreational fire shall consist of dry seasoned firewood and may be ignited with a small quantity of paper.
• A recreational fire must be a minimum of fifty (50) feet from any structure and a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet from any property line.
• Recreational fires in approved containers may be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from a structure. 
• The fire must be attended at all times with adequate fire control measures on hand; a portable fire extinguisher or garden hose shall be available for immediate utilization.
Any questions regarding these guidelines or the Fire Code can be directed to the Fire Prevention Division at (248) 624-1055 or send email to Lt. B. Geistler -
2.What is your response time?
The average response time for fire apparatus or EMS to an emergency is approximately five minutes.
3.I would like to purchase a commercial outdoor fire pit from a local hardware store. Are they allowed?
Outdoor fire pits are authorized for use at detached single-family homes if they can be placed 25 feet or more from any structure.
4.I need my DBA (Doing Business As) license. What do I have to do and where do I go? Do you license businesses in the City?
Applications for DBA declarations can be obtained and filed at the Oakland County Clerk's Office at 1200 North Telegraph Road in Pontiac Michigan (see map). Wixom businesses must be licensed by the City. Applications for those licenses can be obtained from the Fire Department's Administrative Offices at 1345 North Wixom Road, just north of Potter Road. map
5.How can I get a copy of a fire or ambulance report?
Copies of Fire or EMS reports can be obtained from the Fire Department's Administrative Offices at 1345 N. Wixom Road. All requests for Fire or EMS reports must be accompanied by a FOIA request. Depending upon the nature of the fire or medical emergency, copies of reports may be delayed 72 hours or longer. The fee for a copy of a Fire or EMS report will vary and depend upon the length of the report and whether there are any attachments that are requested. Due to the EMS reports being governed by HIPPA, some information is always redacted from copies that are obtained.
6.How often should I change my smoke detector batteries?
The batteries must be replaced every six months and we recommend that you change your smoke detector batteries every time you change your clocks when adjusting for daylight-savings-time changes. In addition to changing your smoke detector batteries, your smoke detectors must be tested. Although smoke detectors differ by model (please review your installation and owners manual), most can be tested by pressing and holding the test button on the unit. The smoke detector will usually beep several times.
7.I need to make changes to my fire extinguishing system or my fire alarm system in my business. Do I need a permit?
No alarm or fire entinguishing system can be installed or altered without obtaining a permit. A permit can be obtained from the City's Building Department and will only be issued to a licensed fire alarm or mechanical contractor.
8.Why does the Fire Department perform inspections on my business?
The Fire Department inspects all businesses annually to protect the lives of workers and visitors at each business and to facilitate fire safety within our community.
9.How should my address be posted on my house or business?
Addresses on businesses should be 6" - 8" in height. Residences can obtain reflective maibox-post address numbers from the Wixom Firefighters' Association for a small fee. These signs can be ordered at Fire Station # I and can be made within 3 - 5 days.
10.There is a fire hydrant in my front yard. Can I plant bushes or flowers around it?
No. Flowers and bushes impair the attachment of hoses and the operation of fire hydrants during emergencies.