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Projected Budget & Debt Service Reports

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The City must include a projected budget report, which is made up of two separate documents, as part of their submission to the State. 

"The first document is a budget report that shall, at a minimum, cover a two year period, your current fiscal year and a projection of the immediately following fiscal year. The projection of the immediately following fiscal year does not need to be approved by the local government's governing body, this is simply a projection. 

The budget report should include the general fund, at a minimum. However, you have the option to present additional funds. The budget report shall include revenues and expenditures. These budgeted items can be presented in a summary format. Additionally, include an explanation of the assumptions used for the projections."

"The second document is a detailed listing of debt service requirements. Provide detail of the annual principal and interest payments for each separate debt service from the current fiscal year until maturity." 

View the Adopted Budget 

View Debt Report


Fiscal Year Multi-Year Budgeting

(for FY2014-2015, FY2015-2016, and FY2016-2017)

The FY2014-2015 Budget is a Mult-Year Budget for years FY2014-15, FY2015-16, and FY2016-17. The budgets for these years are shown in detail and aggregate totals. 

The City budget is available online after City Council approval and adoption. Information in the Budget documents show the final budget adopted by the City Council along with projected budgets for the following two years. This document includes all funds (Special Revenue, Capital Project, Enterprise, Retirement Trust, and Debt Service Funds.)
In addition, prior year budget documents should be viewed for historical reference only and are listed below.