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Zimmermann Expands North American Operations with Facility in Wixom

Post Date:01/26/2017 7:13 AM

F. Zimmermann Expands North American Operations with Facility Grand Opening

Posted to January 25, 2017
Edited by Jedd Cole


Zimmerman facility

F. Zimmermann GmbH (Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Germany) recently held a Grand Opening of a new branch in Wixom, Michigan. With this 13,250-square-foot facility, the milling machine manufacturer aims to expand its activities in North America. The guests, some 40 in all, included employees, business partners, customers and representatives of the county and state.

At the event, shareholder Frieder Gänzle stressed the company’s resolve to be a stronger and more reliable partner for its American customers. “Demand in the American aviation and aerospace industries is continuously growing, and that is also true for the automotive industry,” he said. “By opening this new branch, we’re sending a strong message to our customers in these fast-growing industries that we will give them the best possible service.”

What made the location so attractive was the proximity of numerous suppliers in the Wixom area, the company says.

The management team of Zimmermann Inc. includes Matthias Tockook, who has worked for the company 11 years, and Cornelius Kiesel, another longtime employee of the German parent company.

Besides providing service to their traditional gantry customers, the staff of 13 will also focus on the new five-/six-axis FZH400 horizontal machining center, which is suited to the efficient machining of structural components in the aerospace industry. The spacious modern building includes offices, spare parts storage and a machine showroom.

“Users will benefit from our local presence, fast deliveries of replacement parts and top-class service,” says Managing Director Andreas Podiebrad, who was among those from Germany representing the company at the ceremony.